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  • Are you in the workforce? AND
  • Are you in full-time employment and will be for at least the next 10 years? AND
  • Are you a homeowner?

If the above sounds like you, this seminar is for you.


Attend this property investment seminar and receive your free tablet loaded with our 7 Steps to Wealth educational pack including valuable tools such as the 7 Steps to Wealth strategy, Signposts to Success best seller, Millionaire Case Studies, Focus and Success Strategies as well as our Client Testimonials.


The 7 Steps event will bring a new perspective to your financial future

There are things in life you just can’t dismiss. One of them is your future and how taking action today will make a world of a difference later. Our property investment seminars are designed to educate Australians on how to get their plan B ready, without impacting their livelihood. These events are educating Australians on the principles of best seller 7 Steps to Wealth book written by CEO John Fitzgerald – now in its 8th edition.

Our clients are glad they made that decision a few years ago. Some are about to retire because they know they have a PLAN B. And that just means we’ve done our job here...

Register at a location near you. Bring your other half to this event because it would be too hard trying to explain it all to them afterward.
Have a drink on arrival, sit down, relax, take some notes, ask questions and be entertained in a pressure-free education evening. You can decide if this is life-changing and whether the solution we are about to show you is in fact such great timing. If anything, take that one hour out of your day and put it under education.

98% of people who attended this event have taken something valuable home – click here to see what they said.

The remaining 2% might have got distracted by the showmanship of our brilliant speaker/ educator/finance strategist.

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