Why invest in property?

Chances are you won’t win the lottery to achieve financial freedom…so take a look at how investing in property can help build wealth for your future.

How much money do you think you’ll need for a comfortable retirement? For most people that means maintaining your current lifestyle, taking a holiday every year and having money in the bank when you need it. A lot of Australians are realising that superannuation alone isn’t going to be enough – and chances are you won’t win the lottery – so what’s the best way to build wealth for the future?

For many people, investing in residential property gives them the financial security and freedom they’re looking for. Residential property is a stable solid performer over the long-term. Did you know that it’s the major source of wealth for the wealthiest Australians? But property investment is not just for the big players. Our investment strategy encourages you to start small and use time to help you get the capital growth you need to build wealth.

The great thing about property is that you can use the first house you buy as leverage for the second property and so on. The tenants who rent your properties help you pay off your loans, and you can pay off your own home faster by maximising your tax benefits.

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