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Many property investors come to us because their investments haven’t performed as well as they had hoped and realized they need help. Common problems are getting the wrong advice – or getting no advice at all, buying the wrong kind of property in the wrong location, and not having the right financial structures in place. It’s never too late to get some expert advice. We can review your portfolio and help you get on track.

“Custodian offered us so much support throughout the process. We trusted them from day one. From our previous experiences, we were very much on our own, especially with the legal part of it which felt beyond us, but with Custodian you have people working with you. We felt like they were working for us, not just there to make money out of us.” – Matt & Rachael Rawson, 4 properties

“Custodian has helped us set up the right financial structures and shown us the way ahead.” – Donna Lewis, 10 properties (Read full story)

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