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Toogoolawa School

We have provided accommodation and education to boys who society has left behind in Toogoolawa school since 1989

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What is the best land size?

Sometimes people are confused about what’s the best land size. There’s no best land size, best land size is the biggest block at my head theoretically but it’s not just that. Let me put it into simple terms for you.

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Why Aiming for the Best Loan Value Ratio?

We have to realise though that all we’re looking to do is get the best leverage we possibly can, remembering that it’s not just the one asset we wanna buy, it’s wanna use that to buy the next asset. It’s not about getting the highest valuation, it’s about getting the best loan value ratio.

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John Fitzgerald Talks about Compound Growth

And the only way you can take the equity from your house, or a hundred thousand and turn it into a million dollars, the only way I know, safely and securely, is compound growth. And that is the summary of seven steps to wealth.

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Your First Property Investment? Start here

When it comes to your first property investment, it is extremely important to educate yourself and learn to ask the right questions to the right people. Custodian promises an investor that investing in a certain property will be the most lucrative decision they’ve ever made, we stand by it.

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