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Our vision is to educate as many Australians as possible and empower them to safely invest into Land. We don’t invest in property – we invest in land, because Land is what is real in Real Estate. Our Land performance over the past 20 years doesn’t lie. Come to one of our seminars or attend a webinar in the comfort of your own home. You might just realise you have been waiting long enough.


John Fitzgerald – CEO

CEO John Fitzgerald is a renowned and respected Australian property expert with over 30 years’ experience in residential real estate, property development and investment.

He is also a self-made man. After completing high school at 17 years of age, John hitchhiked from Melbourne to the Gold Coast with only $200 in his pocket. He started working in real estate and quickly mastered the art of building sustainable wealth. By 25, he owned over $1 million in net property assets. He has used the same wealth building system to develop a multi-million dollar business, sharing his knowledge and skill with ordinary Australians. John has personally bought, sold and developed over 5000 properties and has an extensive residential and commercial investment portfolio.

John doesn’t just invest in property, he also invests in people. He is the chairman and founding benefactor of Toogoolawa Children’s Home Ltd, which has fostered over 100 youth at risk or wards of the state. He also established and runs a unique school for boys who have learning and behaviour problems that make them no longer welcome in mainstream schools.


The JLF Group

The JLF Group

The JLF Group is an Australian privately owned investment services provider. We are a market leader in providing residential investment property advice and services. We also offer financing, financial planning, and a wide range of other investment opportunities.

Custodian is a managing developer that offers investors residential investment properties.

Investloan is an industry accredited mortgage broker which specialises in property investment loans.

Custodian Financial Planning offers personalised financial advice to help create long-term financial security.

Custodian Super Accountants helps investors set up Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

Custodian Capital Investments offers product advice on real estate funds, managed investments, shares and land syndication projects.

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Our Charity_Toogoolawa

Our Charity

Toogoolawa – a place in the heart. Changing lives since 1991.

John Fitzgerald established the Toogoolawa School when he realised there was a need for an educational alternative for boys aged 9–15 with learning and behaviour problems who have either dropped out of or are no longer welcome in mainstream schools. The school works with them to either re enter mainstream schooling or enter the workforce.

Donating more than $11 million, John Fitzgerald and key staff work with full-time educators and psychologists to help 700 young Australians “be all they can be”.

The results speak for themselves: about 85 per cent of the students who leave the school take on some form of study or work.

To learn more about Toogoolawa visit: www.toogoolawa.com.au and follow student milestones, challenges and achievements on www.facebook.com/Toogoolawa.